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The Versatile Blogger

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I am oh so very honored to be awarded another blog award by my dear friends Kate at The Bumblings of KT Bee & Adie at All of the Above.  Thanks ladies!

According to the rules, I must:
1.  Thank the person who gave me the award.
2.  Share seven things about myself.
3.  Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
4.  Let my nominees know about their award.
7 things about ME!
  1. I have blonde hair.
  2. I have a beautiful doggy!  She’s an Akita and her name is Molly.
  3. I love cabbage.
  4. I chew gum (Trident Layers) like it’s my job.
  5. I love reading Britt Lit.
  6. I have a Nook and adore it.
  7. I love reading other people’s blogs!
15 blogs that I find special enough for this awesome award!
  1. A Handmade Revolution
  2. Curation Nation
  3. Diana’s Daily Dish
  4. Fit, Fun and Fabulous
  5. Hyperbole and Half
  6. Keeping Up with Goliath: A Bosky Blog
  7. Kohlrabi and Qunce
  8. lifes little epiphanies
  9. The Shenanigans of Megan and the Liz’s
  10. Meagan Likes It
  11. Verity Clothing
  12. The Guiltless Glass

Waiting for the SPARK

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For the past couple of weeks my day job has been really rough.  I come home from work exhausted and don’t want to even think about doing anything other than putting my comfy clothes on, this includes warm slippers, and sitting on the couch for a long night of internet and TV.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I have zero energy because even though the work days are tough I shouldn’t be THAT tired and I realized that I have been doing no real physical activity and eating awful.  I decided in order to find the spunk to get myself back into my design (Christmas is coming!) I need to get my butt off the couch and get moving.  Not to mention I’m engaged and need to get myself into wedding day shape!

So for the past week I’ve been trying to walk and today when I went out for my walk, I decreased my min/mile speed by 30 seconds.  I’m not speedy, I’m still walking at about 18.5 min miles but to drop my time after being so stagnant, felt pretty darn good!  I just had to brag a little.

I’m sitting here just itching to go back to my beads, so really….   Why AM I sitting here and not making jewelry!?!?


Bead Show!

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Today was the Rings & Things bead show in Rochester, NY.  They happen about twice a year but I’ve only gone once before.  The first time I went I was so very overwhelmed.  Just picture an entire banquet room full of tables AND tables of beads.

Any kind of bead!  Czech glass, gemstones, crystal, Quartz, Agate….on and on, it is like a bead Utopia.

The first time I spent hours, pouring over almost all of the beads there.  Each table has oodles (yes I said oodles) of different beads so it pays to spend the time perusing through each tray.  I wanted to touch every single strand and see if I could envision some sort of special jewelry made with those beads.  When it came time to go through and see what I could afford, it broke my heart to part with some of the strands because they were just so beautiful and I feared I’d never find them again.

This time was a entirely different experience!  I knew what to expect when I walked in.  I was beyond happy being surrounded by some of the things I love most in this world (beads & findings) but I wasn’t overwhelmed.  I didn’t feel the need to spend hours and hours pouring over each table and tray. I walked slowly past each display and scanned through what they had.  I found many beautiful new pretties (see below) but I was in and out (including checkout) within 1 hour.  I didn’t feel rushed or pressured but I knew that they would come back again and I would find even more gorgeous stuff the next time they came around.

I thought I’d share pictures of some of my new beads below:

It is only a matter of time before these beads become beautiful new, necklaces, earrings or bracelets.  I had a blast today, it is so fun to be surrounded by people that have a similar love that you do.  You just feel inspiration emanating from the room.

Till next time…

Important Words

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Every month Etsy let’s their sellers and buyers know what words they will be looking for.  These are the words that they recommend sellers tag their items with and the words that buyers search for items  for.

Etsy is pretty up front about what types of things they’re going to look to feature on their front page, blogs or emails.  It isn’t a deep hidden secret, it just takes some research and reading.  The best way to get your treasury to the front page is to choose items that fit these descriptive words and then tag the treasury as such.

Since I am such a sweet person, I decided to do the leg work for you this month and share some of the important KEYwords.  You can see the article I pulled them from in it’s entirety here.

Please remember this list isn’t all inclusive!

  • Halloween
  • black
  • gray
  • blood red
  • dark arts
  • vampires
  • steampunk
  • scary
  • creepy
  • gourds / pumpkins
  • orchard / vineyard
  • woodland
  • Fall
  • Autumn
  • Opal
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • foxes
  • bears
  • owls
  • acrons
  • pine cones
  • leaves
  • feathers
  • foliage
  • plaid
  • camel
  • rust
  • turquoise
  • mustards
  • deep berry
  • wine
  • muted greens

Notice how almost all have to do with Autumn and Fall or the colors or themes that represent those so well.  Tis that season!

When tagging items and treasuries it is also important to use accurate tags that actually describe the product you’re listing or including.  When you start just adding tags to get noticed, people DO notice and it really puts a damper on your Etsy reputation.

Happy Etsy Selling!


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So I’ve been missing…

I sometimes have a habit of going missing for no really good reason, however that is NOT the case this time.  Last Wednesday, my boyfriend of 3 yrs asked me to marry him.  And I said yes!  The last few days have been filled with bookstores (for bridal magazines), bridal shows, sharing with family, creating wedding websites and starting the planning process.

I am so beyond deliriously happy.  He’s the love of my life and he’s made my dreams come true!

Myself and my (now) fiance!

That picture was taken at my sister’s wedding which was back in August.  Now a month later, it is my turn to plan a wedding and this excites me to no end!

Here’s the ring he proposed with:

Gorgeous Engagement Ring!

I absolutely love and have yet to stop staring at it.  It puts a smile on my face constantly!

We’ve set a tentative date of October 15th, 2011 and our colors will be burnt orange and brick red.  We don’t have a venue yet but we’re working on it!

Well I’m off to have lovely sweet dreams of my love!

A Blog Award for Me!

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Thank you to both of my friends Adie from All of the Above & Kate from The Bumblings of KT Bee.  They have been kind enough to award me with a blog award!!!

So the rules are, you get tagged, you list 10 things about yourself (so your followers can get to know you) and then tag 10 of your favorite blogs.

Ten Things About Me!

  1. I just got engaged today – 9/15/10
  2. I’m hoping to get married next October 2011.
  3. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother
  4. I love making jewelry!!
  5. I am obsessed with peanut butter and chocolate.
  6. PopChips are my favorite potato chip.
  7. Clarks are THE most comfortable shoe and is pretty much all I wear.
  8. I work a day job as an auditor.
  9. I’m a bit of a shopoholic but I try and curb my spending.
  10. I adore camping and the outdoors, it makes me happy!

Now for 10 blogs I love!

  1. Curation Nation – A great group of Etsy creators and sellers that make gorgeous treasuries.
  2. Diana’s Daily Dish – A good friend who is getting her blog up and running!
  3. Meagan Likes It – Love reading about all of the things Meagan experiences and shares with her audience.
  4. Fit, Fun and Fabulous – A great blog, that touches on a little bit of everything.
  5. Full Time Etsy Crafters – Another Etsy treasury team blog.
  6. The Shenanigans of Megan and The Liz’s – A blog full of fun randomness!
  7. lifes little epiphanies – A motivational blog all about life.
  8. The Bumblings of KT Bee – I know she gave me the award but I adore her blog too!
  9. All of the Above  – Another shout out to a great friend!
  10. Keeping up with Goliath – Such a motivational blog about a girl’s struggle with life and running.  And her wonderful doggy!

Be sure to give all these blogs some serious love!!

Facebook Fan Page

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So finally after being in business for almost 2 yrs I created a Facebook fanpage!  (Sound the trumpets)

Jewelry by Jillian <— (go ahead and click on the link, it will take you directly to my fan page)

Facebook Fan Page Profile Pic

I had been trying to decide if I wanted one or not because I was getting quite a bit of business by just posting new listings on my own personal Facebook page.  But after having it created for only about 3 days, I can see the value in having a fan page.   I’m currently up to 58 fans and I hope that number continues to grow.  I’m honored that people find my items nice, pretty, fancy enough to buy and wear.

I’m slowly but surely adding pictures of all the items in my shop, plus I plan on continuing to add to it as I add new items to my shop.

Right now I’ve been pretty busy with getting my wholesale order ready as well as a few different regular orders from Etsy.  I also will be starting on some wedding jewelry for a friend soon so lots of new items will be coming but slowly!

Here’s a little peak into my crazy world of supplies.  Underneath all those pieces is the table I work on…someday I’ll see it again.  😀

Till next time — happy beading!