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The Versatile Blogger

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I am oh so very honored to be awarded another blog award by my dear friends Kate at The Bumblings of KT Bee & Adie at All of the Above.  Thanks ladies!

According to the rules, I must:
1.  Thank the person who gave me the award.
2.  Share seven things about myself.
3.  Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
4.  Let my nominees know about their award.
7 things about ME!
  1. I have blonde hair.
  2. I have a beautiful doggy!  She’s an Akita and her name is Molly.
  3. I love cabbage.
  4. I chew gum (Trident Layers) like it’s my job.
  5. I love reading Britt Lit.
  6. I have a Nook and adore it.
  7. I love reading other people’s blogs!
15 blogs that I find special enough for this awesome award!
  1. A Handmade Revolution
  2. Curation Nation
  3. Diana’s Daily Dish
  4. Fit, Fun and Fabulous
  5. Hyperbole and Half
  6. Keeping Up with Goliath: A Bosky Blog
  7. Kohlrabi and Qunce
  8. lifes little epiphanies
  9. The Shenanigans of Megan and the Liz’s
  10. Meagan Likes It
  11. Verity Clothing
  12. The Guiltless Glass

Waiting for the SPARK

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For the past couple of weeks my day job has been really rough.  I come home from work exhausted and don’t want to even think about doing anything other than putting my comfy clothes on, this includes warm slippers, and sitting on the couch for a long night of internet and TV.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I have zero energy because even though the work days are tough I shouldn’t be THAT tired and I realized that I have been doing no real physical activity and eating awful.  I decided in order to find the spunk to get myself back into my design (Christmas is coming!) I need to get my butt off the couch and get moving.  Not to mention I’m engaged and need to get myself into wedding day shape!

So for the past week I’ve been trying to walk and today when I went out for my walk, I decreased my min/mile speed by 30 seconds.  I’m not speedy, I’m still walking at about 18.5 min miles but to drop my time after being so stagnant, felt pretty darn good!  I just had to brag a little.

I’m sitting here just itching to go back to my beads, so really….   Why AM I sitting here and not making jewelry!?!?