A Blog Award for Me!

Thank you to both of my friends Adie from All of the Above & Kate from The Bumblings of KT Bee.  They have been kind enough to award me with a blog award!!!

So the rules are, you get tagged, you list 10 things about yourself (so your followers can get to know you) and then tag 10 of your favorite blogs.

Ten Things About Me!

  1. I just got engaged today – 9/15/10
  2. I’m hoping to get married next October 2011.
  3. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother
  4. I love making jewelry!!
  5. I am obsessed with peanut butter and chocolate.
  6. PopChips are my favorite potato chip.
  7. Clarks are THE most comfortable shoe and is pretty much all I wear.
  8. I work a day job as an auditor.
  9. I’m a bit of a shopoholic but I try and curb my spending.
  10. I adore camping and the outdoors, it makes me happy!

Now for 10 blogs I love!

  1. Curation Nation – A great group of Etsy creators and sellers that make gorgeous treasuries.
  2. Diana’s Daily Dish – A good friend who is getting her blog up and running!
  3. Meagan Likes It – Love reading about all of the things Meagan experiences and shares with her audience.
  4. Fit, Fun and Fabulous – A great blog, that touches on a little bit of everything.
  5. Full Time Etsy Crafters – Another Etsy treasury team blog.
  6. The Shenanigans of Megan and The Liz’s – A blog full of fun randomness!
  7. lifes little epiphanies – A motivational blog all about life.
  8. The Bumblings of KT Bee – I know she gave me the award but I adore her blog too!
  9. All of the Above  – Another shout out to a great friend!
  10. Keeping up with Goliath – Such a motivational blog about a girl’s struggle with life and running.  And her wonderful doggy!

Be sure to give all these blogs some serious love!!


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