The Start of Something Beautiful!

So I’ve read a million times over how important having a blog is, to those of the handmade community,  it is your means of sharing your journey through your work.  So much goes on in my day to day life, in regards to my art that I will have plenty to share with you.

This past Thursday I was contacted by VANITYLAB a gorgeous salon and store in the Westlake, Ohio Area.  They reached out to me through an Etsy ‘convo,’ these are connected to your personal email, so I was notified immediately.  As soon as I read the ‘convo’ I was nearly jumping out of my skin with excitement….  They had contacted me for a Wholesale order!!   Over the past 4 days we’ve corresponded back and forth over prices and wholesale terms and finally came to an agreement yesterday.  Towards the end of the day I received one more email from the owner with their total order included.  They ordered 36 items!!!  That is HUGE for a first order!  I was once again jumping out of my skin with excitement.

Here are a few of the items they ordered…

I’m pretty thrilled to be doing my first wholesale order.  I can only hope that my items do well in their store and they come back and order more!

Here’s to the future — more blog posts and more jewelry orders!


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